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"If you have confidence you will sell more than ever before!" P. Ross Weber

Closing: In Your Face Strategies for Selling More

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Understand how your buyer’s personality characteristics tend to control their buying tendencies. Use your personality and personal closing style to exploit similarities with potential buyers. Know when to force the deal and when to let the buyer do the closing. Go into each sale with several approaches and know when and how to adjust from a direct close to a take away or a consultative close.

After reading this book you will know how to effectively use hard-core closing strategies now being used by some of the top direct sales people in the country.

Preview of what you will find in this book:
  • How to become a Great Closer
  • Recognizing Buyer Personality Types
  • Understanding Social Influences in Buying Decisions
  • What is your Personal Closing style
  • How to Effectively use your Closing Style to close more deals
  • 15+ In Your Face Closes with their Set Up, Theory, Warnings, and Outs
  • Using more than one approach to get the deal done
  • Discounting to get the Deal Done

Publish Date: December 2009
Author: P. Ross Weber

Ross has been involved in selling, managing sales teams, and designing effective sales programs for over a decade. His experiences include: selling in the health and fitness industries, training advertising sales personnel, online sales efforts and promotion, technology and software sales and training, as well as higher dollar business negotiation training and sales. He has successfully managed and succeeded in door to door sales efforts, trade show sales, and many other direct or face to face sales environments.

In his upcoming book Ross teaches us how to use our personalities to win over potential buyers. His strategies teach us how to read our prospects and how to use our personal connection with the prospect to win the deal. He uses very direct and pointed closes when proper and teaches soft closes or take away closes when the buyer needs to feel they are making the decision on their own.

Start increasing your organization’s close rate by implementing the strategies taught in Closing: In Your Face Strategies for Selling More.